• Social Rights of Victims

    The Social Rights of Victims of Crime

    In this document, The European Forum for Victims Services sets out the social rights of victims of crime, namely:
    – recognition by society;
    – information;
    – access to health care services;
    – income;
    – home security;
    – employment;
    – education;
    – compensation;
    – victim support services;
    – protection of privacy.

    Policy 25 Sep, 2012

  • Roadmap

    Resolution of the Council of 10 June 2011 on a Roadmap for strengthening the rights and protection of victims, in particular in criminal proceedings

    Policy 25 Sep, 2012

  • Minimum Rights for Victims of Crime in Europe

    Minimum rights for victims of crime in Europe

    People who suffer a crime in the European Union are entitled to certain rights.

    In this leaflet compiled by the Victim Support Europe you can find a minimum of rights and services that should be granted and provided to all victims of crime, namely:
    – right to respect and recognition;
    – right to an effective remedy;
    – right to information;
    – right to specialist victim support services;
    – right to compensation;
    – right to protection;
    – right to services in accordance to needs;
    – right to participation;
    – right as a witness;
    – right to reimbursement of expenses.

    Policy 25 Sep, 2012