• OID 20th anniversary 2018 and other updates

    From 1st January 2018, OID has welcomed our new and first Secretariat Leader, Dorte Kallestrup Mortensen, who is well known to Victim support in Denmark, and who has got extensive leadership experience. She was among other responsibilities coordinating the past 3 years’ education program, that has now ended, but which will be carried on in […]

    News, News from members 12 Jan, 2018

  • News from Rete Dafne Association

    17th November 2017 Rete Dafne contributed to the building of Networks and Local Services for victims: In the field of activities in order to create a National Coordination in Italy, Rete Dafne (Giovanni Mierolo, Scientific Director) took part in an operative meeting about the ways of building Networks and Local Services specialized in victimes support.  […]

    News, News from members 10 Jan, 2018

  • Changes in Steunpunt Algemeen Welzijnswerk

    Since 1St of January the Steunpunt Algemeen Welzijnswerk merged with four other organisations to Steunpunt Mens en Samenleving, vzw. The new name is SAM, vzw. A translation is difficult but this stands for Support point for Men and Society. Men in the meaning of all individual humans… The contact details of the contact person Kurt […]

    News, News from members 8 Jan, 2018

  • Italian update from I-Care

    I-CARE gives most of the support to victims through 6 house-shelters located in north of Italy. The largest one can accommodate up to 17 victims in parallel (I-CARE hosted 78 victims in 2017). Benefits paid to all victims are: – Basic care, listening to the physical and / or psychological needs. – Preparation of meals […]

    News, News from members 1 Jan, 2018

  • Supporting victims of Cybercrime – autumn conference by VSE

    On Friday 8 December 2017  in partnership with European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), VSE organised a conference “Supporting victims of Cybercrime” The Conference provided an unique opportunity to address the most active issues related to cybercrime. Recognising that the focus is primarily on prevention, security and pursuit of criminals, the conference placed a spotlight on what […]

    News 18 Dec, 2017

  • New VSE short movie: #RightToBeForgotten

    Our newest short film named #RightToBeForgotten was officially premiered at VSE conference “Supporting Victims of Cybercrime”  on the 8 December 2017 at European Economic and Social Committee. The movie is created to help broaden access and awareness of support to victims of cybercrime. Movie is produced in collaboration between Transcendent Media Capital and Victim Support Europe with support of European Commission/DG Justice. it will […]


  • Winter School on Supporting Victims of Terrorism

    From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 November VSE is holding a Winter School on Supporting Victims of Terrorism with participants from our member and partner organisations France Victimes, V-Europe, APAV, Slachtofferhulp Nederland, Offerrådgivningen i Danmark, Steunpunt Algemeen Welzijnswerk, Weisser Ring, Victim Support Russia, NATAL while the lectures will be provided by VSE’s An Verelst, Ilse van de Walle, Levent Latan and guest experts […]

    News 21 Nov, 2017

  • END FGM and Victim Support Europe produced infographic on victim support for victims of FGM

    To mark the fifth anniversary of when the Victims Rights Directive entered into force, End FGM EU in collaboration with @Victim Support Europe have produced this latest infographic on  Female Genitale Mutulation as a form of VAWG and providing support to victims of violence against women and girls. Infographic ENDFGM VSE Help spread this important message by SHARING this infographic!

    News 16 Nov, 2017

  • VSE organises Third Round Table Meeting with EU NGOs and the European Commission

    For the third consecutive year, Victim Support Europe has organised a round table meeting. Several NGOs attended the meeting as well as various administrators from DG Justice of the European Commission.   The scope of this meeting was to enhance relationships among the NGOs that work for victims’ rights and their services. Ms Janicka-Pawlowska, Team […]

    News 3 Nov, 2017

  • VSE conference “Supporting Victims of Cybercrime”

    News 1 Nov, 2017

  • Workshop on 116006 Helplines for Victims of Crime

    On 19th and 20th of October APAV hosted a Victim Support Europe meeting on European Helplines. During the meeting Victim Support Europe Members running a free helpline for victims of crime discussed their work with the 116006 European Helpline. Weisser Ring (Germany), Weisser Ring (Austria), Croatian Victim and Witness Support Service (Croatia), Crime Victims Helpline (Ireland), […]

    News 24 Oct, 2017

  • Tribute to the victims of terrorism and emergency services

    As part of 3 day event, which gathered emergency services from all Europe in order to improve the safety of European citizens, Victims of terrorism, associations of victims, emergency services and decision-makers today will march to the Memorial to the victims of terrorist attacks in Brussels to pay tribute to commemorate the lives lost and to thank […]

    News 18 Oct, 2017