Being a victim of crime can be a difficult experience.

Victim Support can help you deal with what you have been through. If you’ve been a victim of any crime, Victim Support Europe can help you get in contact with a national Victim Support organisation in your country. You can receive help and support regardless of whether or not you have reported the crime to the police. Victim Support can for instance offer:

    • someone to talk to in confidence
    • information about criminal justice system
    • information about compensation
    • help in dealing with other organisations and criminal justice agencies


Everybody reacts differently to crime. While some people are able to move on in life fairly unaffected, others may feel very impacted by the crime. There is no “right way” to react to crime; the feelings you may experience are natural reactions to an unnatural situation – being a victim of crime.

Victims may feel angry, depressed, isolated, fearful, experience sleep problems or other negative feelings following the crime. Victim Support aims to help you deal with these negative aspects and support you in your recovery process.

Many of Victim Support Europe’s national member organisations also provide support and information if you are called to give evidence in court.

For more info regarding where to find help, please click here.