We are a member of Victim Support Europe since 1996. Regular personal contact and exchange of our experiences with our European colleagues have big influence on our work and our strategic plans. We experience two main benefits in the membership. The first is the operational co-operation with a partner organisation in solving concrete cross border cases of victimisation. We use these contacts regularly and very often with good results. The second benefit is the partnership in European projects. At the moment we co-operate already on the fifth international project!

Petra Vitousová President ‘Bily kruh bezpeci’, Czech Republic


Being a member of Victim Support Europe we are part of a big network with very good en useful contacts. Through the network we get a lot of interesting input which we can put in action in our own organisation and also material, guidelines and declarations which support our activities. Victim Support Europe can be seen as a platform for new initiatives and a helping hand in quality matters. And, very important, it is very useful to be a member to increase the political pressure.

Petra Kjällman Managing Director ‘‘Rikosuhripaivystys Suomessa’, Finland


Victim Support Europe is trailblazing new developments for victims across Europe. It is important to be able to participate, learn and contribute to a new Europe for people affected by crime. It is a great caring organization.

David McKenna Chief Executive Victim Support Scotland & President Victim Support Europe