We are a member of Victim Support Europe since 1996. Regular personal contact and exchange of our experiences with our European colleagues have big influence on our work and our strategic plans. We experience two main benefits in the membership. The first is the operational co-operation with a partner organisation in solving concrete cross border cases of victimisation. We use these contacts regularly and very often with good results. The second benefit is the partnership in European projects. At the moment we co-operate already on the fifth international project!

Petra Vitousová President ‘Bily kruh bezpeci’, Czech Republic

Victim Support Europe has been crucial is helping us to nationally advocate for victims’ rights and for new legislative systems such as the victim surcharge which has been in place here in Finland since December 2016. Through this cooperation we have also been able to learn about best practices in implementing the EU victims’ rights directive. Belonging to a European wide network gives us a louder voice and valuable partnerships with sister organisations in other countries.

Leena-Kaisa Åberg, Executive Director, Victim Support Finland

As a member of the Victim Support Europe White Circle Croatia benefits primarily through networking opportunities with other European victim support organisations. In this regard VSE encourages cooperation in joint projects participations and directly influences in strengthening our capacity to provide higher quality of victim support services in national level. It is also very important that VSE offers us the opportunity of monitoring the implementation of European victim policies in regards to Croatian legislation and practice.

Livija Plančić, President, White Circles Croatia

„WEISSER RING e.V. Germany is one of the founding organisations and therefore part of the VSE-family from the beginning on. We really appreciate Victim Support Europe as a platform to exchange information, ideas, but also contacts for collaborating in cross-border cases. VSE, as an umbrella organisation, makes it easy for all member organisations to learn from each other and share good practices. We can exchange experience at work-shops held in different places. This helps widen the horizon of victim support.

Furthermore, the participation in EU-projects organised by VSE ensures that all stakeholders are also heard at the level of the European Union. This helps strengthening our influence in all matters concerning victims of crime.”

Bianca Biwer, Managing Director, WEISSER RING

Being a VSE member for WEISSER RING means being in frequent contact and exchange with other European victim support institutions, being able to contribute to and learn about European developments in victim support policy, thus also influencing national victim support in Austria, and benefitting from a better and stronger cooperation (e.g. in international projects).

Tobias Körtner, WEISSER RING Austria

“APAV is one of Victim Support Europe’s founding members and is very proud to currently hold a second term of its Presidency. Being a member of VSE has been a crosscutting opportunity to continuously exchange knowledge and best practices with our counterparts all over Europe and beyond, as we all to be kept up-to-date on all victimology and victims’ rights related issues. VSE’s membership has allowed us to have an active voice in the debate around public policies improving the situation of victims of crime and in the establishment of qualified victim support services nationally and EU-wide”.

Mafalda Valério, Project Manager, APAV