We need your help

Our priorities for 2020 are listed below. Your donations will help us to expand the reach of these projects, so we can do more and support more countries:

  • Your donations will help us to put in place new projects including full monitoring of EU and international laws on victims’ rights. Many laws are in place, but victims are simply not benefiting. We need to identify gaps, raise awareness of failings and help introduce solutions.
  • Your donations will also help us develop our services for victims. Information is crucial to victims. We want to develop a knowledge portal for victims which will help them understand what they are going through, provide advice on what to do and where to get help after a crime and to prevent crime.
  • Your donations will help us develop new IT for victims. We want to help victims and victim services through new technologies such as developing mobile apps which would provide information to victims and help them find their local victim support office.

Priorities for 2020

  • Support the establishment and development of victim support services in EU Member States.
  • Help ensure that people victimised abroad in Europe get the support they need
  • Develop standards for victim support so victims get high quality services.
  • Develop state-of-the-art training tools for victim support.
  • Input into EU and international policy developments on victims and ensure victims’ rights remain high on the international agenda

    Thematic Priorities for the Year


    Cybercrime Ongoing priority – we will next produce an international strategy to guide our actions, and will re-engage with social media to develop training relevant to your needs.


    Terrorism We will strengthen our response network, continue engagements with world experts, publish guidance and participate in new counter terrorism projects


    Hate crime New focus on hate crimes. We will start with understanding better victims issues and the needs of members


    Enforcement of rights Making rights a reality: we will publicise findings on the implementation of the Victims’ Rights Directive, press for implementation by States and will develop a clearer vision on what should constitute national victim services


    Influencing the next 5 years: new Commission and Parliament We will develop materials to engage potential MEPS and will develop specific calls for the new Commission and Parliament (e.g. Compensation, Helplines across Europe)


Thank you

Victim Support Europe is largely funded by the European Commission and by Membership fees. This means our funding is limited and must be focused largely on work in EU Countries.

We would like to do many more projects to help victims both in the EU and around the rest of Europe. As a Not for Profit, your generous donations and sponsorships will help improve and expand our services.