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  • Institut National d’Aide aux Victimes et de Médiation (INAVEM)


    Institut National d’Aide aux Victimes et de Médiation (INAVEM), the national federation, groups together 142 victim support associations in France. The associations provide help to all victims: victims of intentional crimes or of non intentional crimes (traffic accidents…), individual victims or victims of mass disasters (airplane crashes…), as well as to: witnesses, family and friends of victims, their partners, husband/wives and colleagues. Support to specific groups of victims is available: children, young and elderly people, persons with disabilities, immigrant, transnational/cross border and hate crime victims.
    INAVEM provides different types of support, namely: practical, psychological, legal, social, emotional, assistance to apply for compensation, information on victims’ rights and about the national criminal justice system. Victims usually contact the organisation through: telephone, face-to-face, letter, e-mail and social networks (all in French). However they may also contact INAVEM through the hotline, go personally to a local scheme and by being referred by the police and public prosecutor’s office.

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