Seminar IVOR : Services That Work for Victims

06 JANUARY 2016 | FREE

As a partner of the IVOR project – promoted by APAV and co-financed by the European Commission under Criminal Justice Programme – VSE is delighted to announce the IVOR Policy Seminar which will take place on 14 January in Lisbon.

How is the victim actual experience improved in practice through the transposition of the Victims’ Directive?
How do economical, historical and social backgrounds of each Member State influence the transposal of the Directive’s Articles?
What solutions and best practices can be adopted and shared between Member States?

To ensure that the Victims’ Directive will reach its potential it is vital to understand what works in improving the position of victims in each Member State, how it works, what works together and what works under which conditions.

Thus, it is important for practitioners and decision-makers to join us on the 14th of January 2016, work together and identify measures, solutions and ready-to-use recommendations to foster the implementation of the Victims’ Directive.