Victim Support Europe consists of 41 national member organisations, providing support and information services to victims and witnesses of crime in 26 European countries.

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In Victim Support Europe you may find full or associate member organisations.

Despite this differentiation, please bear in mind that a Victim Support Organisation can always help by providing free and confidential emotional and practical assistance, as well as information about the criminal justice system.

In general, a full member is an independent non governmental organisation that:

  • Provides a range of general services supporting victims of crime
  • Operates at a state or national level
  • Provides or makes available support to a substantial group of the population
  • Provides services free of charge to the end service user
  • Ensures that the confidentiality of the service user is respected
  • Provides adequate training to all staff and volunteers
  • Generally agree with and support the principles, policy, standards and good practice guidelines that may from time to time be agreed by Victim Support Europe
  • Has a non discrimination policy at least in respect of age, sex, gender, nationality, religion and victims of crime

As associate member, it must in general terms:

  • Support broadly the aims and objectives of VSE
  • Be in a relevant field of work associated with victims of crime
  • Be interested in improving the position of victims of crime
  • Be formally constituted
  • Be registered and operating in a European country as defined by the Council of Europe

Support Services

Victim Support Europe Member Organisations comply with a set of guidelines concerning the support provided to victims of crime. However, there are some differences and characteristics that vary from country to country.

Victim Support Europe’s member organisations exist for different lengths of time; wile some organisations have celebrated over 25 years of providing services to victims, others are just in the early stages of coordinating their national service delivery.

Through the Victim Support Europe network, all members are able to learn from each other regarding for instance minimum standards relating to training programmes, needs assessment, European public policies and legislation and the different models of service delivery. Victims across Europe will also be able to access a better quality service, which is important in ensuring equal access to justice for victims in the EU.

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