• AGE Platform Europe: let’s protect also the victims of elder abuse!

    On the occasion of the European Day for Victims of Crime, AGE Platform Europe published a position paper on the protection of victims of elder abuse, stressing the importance of using the process of implementation of this Directive to improve the protection of older persons who have suffered abuse, violence and maltreatment. AGE’s work around elder abuse has […]

    News 1 Mar, 2017

  • European Day for Victims of Crime marked all over Europe

    In recognition of 22 February 2017, European Day for Victims of Crime, VSE members all around Europe organised series of actions and events. Here you can find information on some of the actions and events that took place in: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Portugal, Slovakia, Serbia and UK (England and Northern Irleand) AUSTRIA – Weisser Ring Effective […]

    News 22 Feb, 2017

  • Step up to ensure access to service to all survivors of violence

    EUROPEAN DAY FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME DO YOU BELIEVE THAT ALL WOMEN SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO SERVICES AND JUSTICE IF THEY’VE BEEN THE VICTIM OF A CRIME? THEN STEP UP AND SIGN THE PLEDGE. Violence against women in Europe is a widespread, but under-reported phenomenon. Two out of three women victimised by physical or sexual […]


  • AdVIC presented a Bill to Senate

    On Wednesday 22nd February 2017, VSE members AdVIC reached a milestone. It is not many – if indeed any – charitable organisation that can boast their own Bill being presented to the Oireachtas. Thanks to AdVIC Patron, Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell, their dream became a reality when the second reading of the Minimum Custodial Periods Upon Conviction […]

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  • VSE presents Members’ videos on Victim Support and Victims’ Rights

    VSE produced a video on victim support and victims’ rights last year. In the last 12 months many members have developed new versions of the movie (dubbed or subtitled and with information on the national organisation) to use in their respective countries. We will re-launch the video in the different versions raising awareness on victim […]


  • Victim Support Europe study on cross-border victimisation

    On this European Day for Victims of Crime Victim Support Europe pays particular attention to cross-border victims of crime – or victims of crime that are victimised in a country other than the country they reside in. An estimated 2 million people fall victim in a European Member State other than their own each year. Like […]


  • VSE received the annual Alberto Jiménez-Becerril Foundation award

    The Board of the Foundation against Terrorism and Violence Alberto Jiménez-Becerril, on their meeting at the Sevilla City Council last December, under the presidency of Teresa Jiménez-Becerril and the Presidency of Honor of Juan Espadas, agreed to award their annual award to Victim Support Europe, as their recognition of VSE as an organization that collaborates regularly […]

    News 3 Feb, 2017

  • Report on the survey about online support for victims of crime published by APAV

    In the last decades we witnessed a shift in how we communicate, with an increasing use of technology, most prominently the internet playing a key role. This presents its own set of new possibilities, expectations and challenges to which Victim Support may not be detached. Victim support however remains with a generalised lack of responses […]

    News 1 Feb, 2017

  • Mayor of London to appoint first Victims’ Commissioner for London’s survivors of crime

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is set to appoint the first independent Victims’ Commissioner for London in a step-change in improving the experience of victims and survivors of crime in the UK capital. An advertisement for the new role has been published on 30th January 2017, seeking a candidate who can ensure the voices […]


  • VSE speaks with V-Europe to the Belgian Parliamentary Research Commission on the Brussels attacks

    Last week Victim Support Europe was invited by V-Europe – organisation for victims of attacks – to accompany them to the Parliamentary research commission on the Brussels attacks. This joint performance in front of the commission is a result of series of actions in the recent period since VSE is continuously supporting V-Europe in their efforts to […]

    News 23 Jan, 2017

  • Information for victims of attacks in Berlin

    On 19 December a horrible attack happened on the christmas market in Berlin. Victim Support Europe stands in solidarity with the victims and their families. If you were a victim of the attack you can get more information on where to find help, support and information here. The document was developed by our Member Weisser […]

    News 20 Dec, 2016

  • Call for Consulting Services: Overview of existing victim support services in Serbia

    Background: Victim Support Europe seeks to employ the services of an organization or individual for the implementation of research to map victim support services in Serbia. The outcome of interest includes a detailed mapping of victim support organisations in Serbia, organisational fiches per organisation, a database for an online map and a workshop for victim […]

    News 16 Dec, 2016