• Operating networks for victim support services

    To support Serbian authorities in establishment of victim support system in Serbia, VSe in aprtenrship with the MDTF JSS team prepared a report on Operating networks for victim support services. The report is looking into two examples – those of Finland and France, of how to organise comprehensive victim support services at the national level. […]

    News 22 Sep, 2017

  • Analysis of funding of victim support services

    Victim support Europe, in partnership  with the World Bank and support of MDTF launches a series of reports towards ensuring full implementation of the EU Victims rights directive in Serbia. One of the reports is an analysis of funding of victim support services in France, Finland and UK and outlines the various policy options available […]


  • Overview of existing Victim Support services in Serbia

    Within its activities, VSE is aiming to support development and capacity building of Victim Support Services and Victim Support organisations in Europe and worldwide. In partnership with The World Bank and the Multi Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support (MDTF-JSS), we are implementing a number of activities aimed at strengthening victim support services in […]


  • Conference on Victim Support in Serbia

    Victim Support Europe in partnership with The World Bank and support of The Multi Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support (MDTF-JSS)  is implementing a number of activities aimed to assist Serbian Government in strengthening victim support services in Serbia. Those activities resulted with a series of reports that we are launching today towards ensuring full implementation […]

    News 19 Sep, 2017

  • Victim Support Europe prepares study on victims of terrorism for the European Parliament

      At the request of the European Parliament, Victim Support Europe partnered with the  European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) to contribute its expertise and knowledge and prepare a study on the needs of victims of terrorism. Together with some of its members Victim Support Europe analysed the needs of victims of terrorism and the […]

    News 15 Sep, 2017

  • Support for those affected by attacks in Spain

    Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with all those affected by the horrific attacks in Spain. The people who have been injured or who witnessed the attacks, as well as the loved ones of those affected will need support from their family, friends, community as well as from professional supporters. We will continue to update this […]

    News 23 Aug, 2017

  • Strong collaboration results in guide on Hate Crime

    Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that protects British Jews from antisemitism and Tell MAMA, a national campaign that tackles anti-Muslim hatred produced a useful guide on Hate Crime – A guide for those affected. Both organisations are often the first point of contact for victims and witnesses of antisemitic or anti-Muslim hate crime. CST and Tell MAMA both […]


  • VSE visits Victim experts and NATAL in Israel

    In July 2017 Victim Support Europe’s Deputy Director An Verelst visited experts and a victim support organisation in Israel to discuss the rights and support offered to victims of crime in Israel. An Verelst was honoured to meet Prof. Dr. Uri Yanay and dr. Tali Gal who are experts in victims’ rights and restorative justice. […]

    News 6 Aug, 2017

  • What to do if you become a victim of crime on holiday?

    The Summer is there and many of us are leaving on our holidays. Time to relax, enjoy the sun, great food and have new adventures. Unfortunately also millions of people fall victim to crime during holidays in the EU. Do you know what you should do when you become a victim? What are your rights […]

    News 13 Jul, 2017

  • VSE’s latest work for victims of terrorism

    Victim Support Europe has been working tirelessly for victims of terrorism since the terrorist attacks in France in 2015. While we remain an organisation working for rights and services for all victims of crime we saw how the basic needs of victims of terrorism were not being met. In the last years we have established […]

    News 5 Jul, 2017

  • France Victimes: 31st National Conference of the Victim Support

    France Victimes and its local association, Remaid, had the pleasure to organize the 31st National Conference of the Victim Support on the “violence at work” theme. The event took place in the South of France, the 22nd and 23rd June, 2017. Violence at work represents a real social issue and concerns every business sector as well as the […]

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  • VSE welcomes two new associate members

    At the last meeting of VSE Executive Board new membership applications were approved. Since then our network has been enlarged for two new associate members and for the first time we have members from Albania which now makes VSE network spreading over 27 different countries. Our new members are Human Rights in Democracy Center (HRDC) from Albania and Associazione Aleteia […]

    News 30 Jun, 2017