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  • INAVEM is preparing for changes

    In order to continue the work carried out by the State Secretariat for Victim Assistance after the May 2017 presidential election, Juliette Méadel created a General Secretariat for Victim Assistance, an inter-ministerial administration attached directly to the Prime Minister . Its missions will include: – to coordinate the action of the ministries in the follow-up […]

    News, News from members 27 Mar, 2017

  • Supporting Justice launching the first UK national victim review website

    VSE memeber Supporting Justice is officially launching the first UK national victim review website, named Victims Choice, which will provide information to victims on all the victim services in their area. The site will also allow victims to write reviews and view feedback from past service users to help them choose a provider that suits their […]

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  • Neighbourhood Watch Training – blog from VS Malta

    On Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th March,  Victim Support Malta organised a training on neighbourhood watch, as part of Project WO (Watch Out), funded by the Social Impact Awards. Project WO is a train-the-trainer program which aims to improve knowledge of neighbourhood watch in Malta, equipping local communities with the practical tools to set up […]

    News from members 23 Mar, 2017

  • Bílý kruh bezpečí answered over 8000 calls to 116 006 line

    116 006 answered over 8000 calls VSE members Bílý kruh bezpečí  runs helpline 116 006 in the Czech Republic which operates 24/7. In last two years our helpline answered 8000 phone calls from victims of crime and domestic violence. In 80 % we received phone calls from women. Seminar in the Parliament On the occasion of the European […]

    News, News from members 22 Mar, 2017

  • Overview of the activities of White Circle Croatia

    In recent period, VSE member White Circle Croatia held two public forums, in Solin and Omis, boht as part of ongoing projects. As part of the European Victims’ Day White Circle Croatia have participated in a round table in Zagreb which was organized by Documenta who is leader of a joint project which started in January 2017. – […]

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  • Increase in services at Victim Support Finland

    The number of clients served at Victim Support Finland clearly increased in 2016. Altogether, there were 44 000 client contacts which showed an increase of 24 % from 2015. The number of longer-term support relations was 3600, an increase of 38 % from 2015. The number of individual clients in different services was 8400. The biggest […]

    News, News from members 20 Mar, 2017

  • Project Affection through science

    With an ultimately funny and innovative character, new APAV Project – Affection through Science will allow the involvement of sheltered children and youngsters victims of trafficking in human beings in Science and Technology activities. The main aim of the project is to not only promote the social and scholar integration of children victims of trafficking […]

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  • Mayor of London published the new Police and Crime Plan for London

    The Mayor of London today (Monday 20th March) launched his new Police and Crime Plan for the capital. It aims to restore real neighbourhood policing, create a safer city for everyone in London and commits to protecting the most vulnerable Londoners at the most challenging time in the Met’s recent history. The priorities of the […]

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  • Overview of recent activities of Offerraadgivningen i Danmark

    VSE members from Denmark, Offerraadgivningen i Danmark (OID) have been more than active in last period. Here is a short overview of their main activities in the first quarter of the year: European Victim’s Day 2017: On 22nd February OID used the material from VSE on Facebook and its homepage, translating the press information into Danish, […]

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  • Portugal practices report

    APAV  recently participated in Project “Developing Directive – compatible practices for the identification, assessment and referral of victims”, reference number JUST/2014/JACC/AG/VICT/7406 and co-financed by the Justice Programme of the European Union. From that project resulted the report that is now being presented and disseminated and that allowed for an analysis of practices from different national […]

    News from members 17 Mar, 2017

  • Associazione LIBRA Onlus involved in project related to organized crime

    LIBRA Association is now involved in a local project related to organized crime. The coordinator is the Municipality of Mantua and Libra Association will carry on specific activities with the aim to improve awareness about organized criminality and its victims. Awareness activities will be addressed to schools, local authorities, business organizations and companies; will be […]

    News from members 16 Mar, 2017

  • Slachtofferhulp’s symposium – Assess and protect

    Every year, in connection with the European Day for victims of crime, VSE members Slachtofferhulp Nederland are holding a symposium, and this year for the first time, they organised it jointly with the Dutch National Police.  About 350 people, among whom many police officers, participated in the symposium Assess and protect on February 24. Among other plenary speakers […]

    News, News from members 10 Mar, 2017